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7 Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Smartphones have lots of smart benefits, which include the availability and usability of Mobile Apps. Choice of a mobile application on smartphones is a key feature one should never compromise. Of course, it’s not possible to download all mobile apps in the apps market; this is why making informed app selection is necessary.

There are tendencies you have trouble with your smartphone performance or speed, and often this results from the store of too many apps on mobile devices. Are you ready to prune your phone? Well, if you are prepared to do this, there are some apps you shouldn’t tamper because they are apps you should have on your cellphone. Nevertheless, these are my recommended apps.


Do you love creating and sharing videos? For entertainers, TikTok is one of the best video making applications readily available on Android and iOS. People with a passion for singing, comedy, dancing, and entertainment adore this app. Moreover, the result of some app download statistics revealed TikTok as an app with the highest number of download count in 2019.



Communication between locals and internationals for some years now got more comfortable with WhatsApp. It is one of the most widely used apps of our time. The app features are enormous, and they include; voice calling, video calling, chatting pages, voice note recording, online status, etc.



The use of the Instagram application keeps growing from time to time. Thousands of people now use this mobile app to promote their businesses. At first, people used the app for picture uploads because of its quality display. But now the use of this app is enormous, ranging from social sharing, video chatting, and more. The app is such that it is supported only by smartphones; the web version of it doesn’t allow you to explore all features.



Another social networking app enjoyable on smartphones is the Snapchat. The app also allows the sharing of pictures, messages, videos, and more between users. The app developers revealed a whopping count of 173 million daily users. Having this app on your phone never allows you to have a dull moment.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser with lots of excellent features. With Google Chrome surfing the internet looks interesting. Having a Google Account makes the use of Google Chrome more interesting. The apps save browsing history, passwords histories, and grants quick access to other Google apps.


Zuper App

Zuper is a fund managing app. The app allows you to manage all your bank accounts from one spot. With the Zuper app, you can make daily transactions, check your money balance. However, setting budget rules and also tracking daily spending is one of the many reasons you need to download Zuper.



Cab hiring with Uber Company is fast and reliable. Downloading this app on your phone makes transportation very easy and convenient. Using the Uber app requires a GPS enabled device and also a good internet signal to work optimally.



In summary, downloading 20% of all existing apps on your smartphone is unrealistic. However, here are seven great apps you shouldn’t compromise at any time. Sometimes choices of app download are influenced by status and livelihood. Hence, make informed choices.