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Are we safe when using Google products?

Everyone uses Google products at least once a day. Google has a default setting which allows the company to know your movements via all of your devices, laptops, iPad, desktops, mobile phones.

This has derived from apps to help us navigate using Google map’s and the default installations when you first receive your device, this, in particular, applies to your mobile phone.

So, this practice is not simply for your convenience but it affects your everyday life.

Have you ever been having a chat in the restaurant or in fact any public place that you are visiting and suddenly on your phone, you have a notification giving information and advertising to you on the exact same subject matter that you were talking about? I bet you have at some time or another.

Whenever you use your device to search for anything on Google using a server lock Google will remember your IP address and a cookie placed onto your device by Google.

The website will be logged and won’t be deleted for around 30 years, yes you heard that right!

Google has partnered with Facebook, Twitter, and other networks so if they are not receiving your data from their own service, they would be able to receive the information from the other services.

Google also can scan your emails for particular keywords that would enable them to send you advertising based on what you have written, there are, however, browsers such as Brave that will help to keep your browsing safe from prying eye’s also a good VPN is excellent to further protect you from data leaks. A good mailing system to look into is called mailfence.com, so there are many different avenue’s that you can take to protect yourself.


Controlling Data Collected

You can take action to control the amount of data that is collected by going to myaccount.google.com/privacysetup

Firstly, you will see the following:

Personalise your Google experience

Turn off your Web & App Activity and you will be able to turn off your Location History, you can turn this back on at any time when you need to use your navigator and location history.


Also, will be able to have control even with your YouTube search history data so you are not tracked there either. Once you are on the page the list of options is self-explanatory and you would be in a position to use as many or as little of the options available for your own personal requirements rather than allowing Google to have full control and using your data.

Remember when you add an app for a particular task which would normally have a sharing structure it’s always good to practice to regularly look through the apps you have on your device and make sure you are using the particular apps and delete the apps that you no longer need, this will also help a lot to reduce the data you may be unwittingly sharing.

It is up to us to protect ourselves as much as possible when going online and to be aware that we are all tracked in one way or another, it’s simply up to us to minimize these tracking actions that the Internet Giants and advertisers try to force onto us on a daily basis.